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I Had A Weird Dream

I had a very weird dream maybe you were in it.  I don't remember where I was as far as the church but I do remember a few people who were in the congregation.  I saw John and Debbie there, Kay was there, Mike & Kathy McVey was there, David & Marcia was there, Ellen was there, Jack & Alma was there, Bill & Elta was there, Penny & Dick were there, Basil was there, Patsy was there, Connie was there, Rory & Rachel were there and there were some people I didn't know who they were.  They were sitting on the back two rows of the left side.  Dave & Eleanor weren't there as they were out of town and my sister Mary was there playing the piano for us.

We were singing In My Heart There Rings A Melody.  As most everyone knows I hold the notes extra long on the song.  In my dream Mary held the note on the piano but the entire church quit singing and when I tried to go on they kept holding the note.  Mary played the piano on with me but everyone held the note till the end of the song.  It was a disaster and then I woke up with the sweats.

Does anyone one have a explanation of my dream.  Where is Daniel when you need him?

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