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Are You My Friend?

I am guessing that if you are reading this you must be one of my friends on Facebook.  But I have gotten a lot of new readers on my blog so there may be some who are not my friends on Facebook.  Many of you are my friend in the real world.  By that I mean not the cyber world but the actual world.  You know me because we met some time in history.  I am going to ask you to do something and it is voluntary you don't have to do it and if you don't nothing is going to happen to you.  I am not saying you are not my friend if you don't do it.  Do it only if you want to.  Some may not have the time or whatever and that is okay with me.  Whatever floats your boat.

What I wanted you to do is write one word in the comment section of Facebook that you would use to describe our friendship.  If you do it great and  if you don't that is fine too.  I am not going to unfriend you if you don't so don't worry about that.  I just thought it might be fun.

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