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Thinking About Christmas

I have been thinking about Christmas. I think most people are thinking about what they want for Christmas. I ask Kelly the other day what she wanted for Christmas and she couldn't tell me. God has been so good to us it isn't really what we want but what can we give someone else.

I have a wonderful wife who I love very much. God has been very good to me bringing Kelly into my life. She is the picture of the virtuous woman found in Proverbs 31. I love her more each and everyday.

I have some very wonderful children and grandchildren and each one is very special to me. I wished I could do more for all of them.

Since I am retired now I don't have much income. I get a very small check from Social Security and that isn't much. I get about what I use to earn in a week once a month. That makes it hard for me to really do anything. Kelly is the real bread winner now and she is very special.

Back to Christmas. It is coming soon and I was wondering what everyone is hoping they get for Christmas. (Not that I am going to send it but whoever you are hoping brings it your loved ones, Santa, God or some other person from afar.)

Each year that passes we seem to lose one or more of our loved ones. My hope is that all those I love will accept Christ as their Savior so when He takes them they will be in Heaven when I get there. (Not that I am planning a soon exit from this world, but we never know when God will call us home.)

Think about Christmas and make it a very special Christmas for others.

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