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Welcome New Visitors To My Blog

I would like to welcome all the new folks who are now reading my blog. We have seen a jump in our readership and I know it isn't because of me so what floats your boat?

I have some stuff coming up I hope you will enjoy. This is a slow week because of Thanksgiving coming. I do hope you all have a special day. Because the family is having a hard time getting together we are going to have ours at a different time. It will be this week sometime but I am not going to give the time to anyone because if you are making me a pie I want you to think that it will be on time. (Just leave it on my front porch.) I am really busy so I might not be able to come to the door.

By the way Kelly had a great day at her first day back to work. We are glad she was able to take this wonderful job. Please keep us in your prayers. You don't have to post it that you are praying for me but if you do that is okay. I am not looking for lots of hits or likes I am just wanting the prayer and so if I get that it is worth more than hits, likes, or shares.

Well, I must sign off see you tomorrow. Be sure and read my Verse of the Day on Facebook.

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