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Raising Grandchildren

Grandchildren are the reward you get for not strangling your teenagers! Kelly and I told the kids that when they had kids they would get payback for what they put us through. Well, we were right and it sometimes is worse than what Kelly and I went through. When the grandchildren turn into teenagers as Veronica is finding out now, it gets a bit harder.

Many times we want to open our mouth and tell them how to raise their kids but it isn't our place. It is their turn and we just have to pray that we gave them the tools to do a good job. The world is much different than when we raised them and they will face new issues. We didn't have the internet as we know it today when we were raising the kids. Now they have to deal with, Facebook, Twitter, Instant Messaging, Skype, Snapchat, and on and on. Give them some space to make their own mistakes. Maybe they will ask for your advice and maybe not. Let them experience the joy of raising their kids.

Sometimes we think we have all the answers but the truth is that we only know what we have experienced. When my parents were raising me the world was a different place and they did things different than I did. Sometimes I asked for their input but the truth is I made a ton of mistakes but I tried my very best.

We finally ask God to help to help us and now we are trusting that we made the right choices in the decisions we made. Did we make mistakes? Yes Did we fail in some areas? Yes We are praying that we did the right thing and if we did they will raise their kids to be great grandchildren.

I sometimes feel I was a failure in raising Faith. I taught her right but she has nothing to do with me now. I don't feel it is because I have done anything wrong but her mother has filled her head with lies and when you only hear one side of the story, what are you to believe?

Do the right thing and then leave them in the hands of God.

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