Get Ready For Cold Weather

Get ready for cold weather. The time has come for the cold weather to set in. It is this time of the year that cold weather begins to set it. Each day puts us closer and closer to Christmas which also indicates that it is winter. Are you ready for some cold weather?

I hate the cold and it seems to me that I can never get warm when the cold weather sets in. I can remember back to the weekend before Halloween. Wood River had their parade and we nearly froze to death. Abby and Stephanie brought their kids to the parade with light jackets and they nearly froze to death. If we didn't have blankets and hoodies I think they would have had to go home. Veronica had a bonfire at her house but we were not able to go because it was so cold. I don't know how everyone else made out but we were freezing in the house so it must have been very cold out there.

Hotdogs and chili around the bonfire sounded good but temperatures below freezing didn't appeal to me and I just finished freezing my rear of at the parade so I wasn't willing to go over there for another dose of cold bone chilling time.

Well now that we are in November it is going to get colder and we need to prepare for it. We must dress warm and stay in when we can. For those in Wisconsin and up north I just have to say, good luck. It is going to be cold. For those living near Lake Michigan you will have some windy breezes that will keep you sidewalks frozen. Get some ice melt!!!

Well, get in where it is warm and have a great evening or morning depending on when you are reading this. God bless and have a great day.

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