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Things I Hate To See On Facebook

Things I Hate To See On Facebook. The thing I hate the most is these posts that try to make me share or repost. "If you love Jesus like and share", "If you think this dog is beautiful like and share" and etc. If you post something like that I won't post or share it because you aren't going to use Facebook to make me do something. If I want to do it it will be because I want to not because you tried to make me share something.

I saw one the other day one that said "if you believe the Bible like and share". I believe the Bible but I am not going to like and share. I guess they think they can get more likes if they word it that way. Some people actually think if they don't like and share it means they don't believe the Bible. How very said this is.

What do you hate to see on Facebook?

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