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Good News!!!

Good News!!! That has a real good ring to it. When do we get good news these day? Today is Halloween and that is not usually a day for good news. I could tell you that it is good news that the time of the return of Christ is now a day soon than it was yesterday. Nobody knows the time except God who sits on the THRONE. I am sure the time of the return of Christ is soon. The signs are all around us.

I think that it is good news that I have a loving family and I am pleased that I have a wonderful wife who I love very much.

I think it is Good News to know that we are still able to get out of the bed. Some days that can be questionable. Sometimes I roll out and hope I don't fall on the dog or hit my head of the wall next to the bed. So when I can get out of the bed without incident I feel very happy and I consider that good news.

I read the obits pretty regularly and when my name isn't in there I consider that Good News. I guess if I was reading them I wouldn't be here but would be in Heaven with my loved ones that have gone on before me. I tell you it is going to be a great reunion in Heaven and I hope you will be there some day. If you don't make it to Heaven that will be Bad News. So trust Jesus as your personal Savior before it is eternally too late. If you already know Christ as your Savior that is Good News!!!!!

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