A Look Back At Pleasant View

This is a picture of me preaching at Pleasant View. Kelly and I were just talking about my time at Pleasant View today. I was ask to fill the pulpit in November 2007 and in kept preaching until August 2015. Kelly and I put a great deal of effort into the ministry at Pleasant View.

It was a wonderful eight years and Kelly and I have our rough times and good times there. I can still name all those who were there during those eight years. I am not going to do it on here as I don't want anyone to get offended.

We had several wonderful years working with young people during those years and I hope that some of what we taught them rubs off on the lives of others. I was going over the sermons I preached while at Pleasant View. I still have all of the sermon outlines I preached during those years.

When I see some of the young people in the store it surprises me how they have grown. It makes me feel old when I see them grown with their own children. Kelly says that time changes and many of them have changed I only hope for the best.

I made some wonderful friendships while at Pleasant View and I learned some very valuable lessons. God used that time to mold me and I am grateful for the time He gave me there at Pleasant View.

If you were a member or just a friend I hope that God used us to encourage you in your life so that you could be fruitful and be something for Christ. God bless each and everyone of you.

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