Baptism is an outward sign of an inward decision of obedience to God. This is an important decision that every child of God needs to make. Over the years I have had the opportunity to baptize people at all of the churches I Pastored at and some of the churches I served as an interim.

My first baptism was a young teenager in Baraboo. He ask me before the baptism if I had ever dropped anyone. I told him no but what I didn't tell him was that I had never baptized anyone. Afterwards when he found out he was my first we laughed about it.

While at Baraboo we saw many baptized and they were all ages. I had a woman who was 94 that came and accepted Christ as her Savior and she wanted to be baptized and I baptized her. I once had a very large man and I was afraid because of his size but I just trusted the Lord to assist me. It was no problem but when I was bringing him back up about two or three gallons poured over the top and went out on to the stage.

When I was preaching in Cottage Hills we had several saved and I wasn't the Pastor. They wanted to get baptized and so the church and deacons authorized me to baptize them That was a real blessing for me.

While I was in Kane we saw a great number come to Christ and I was able to baptize many of them. They had a baptistery in the floor of the platform. It was different but it did the job.

At Pleasant View I was honored to see many come to Christ and many who wanted to follow the Lord in baptism. I was honored to baptize them and many of them became great friends. It isn't often you have those you baptize become close friends.

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