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Pence Leaves Colts Game After Several 49niners Take A Knee

I was proud of my Vice Present when he walked out of the NFL game between the Colts and 49niners when several of the 49niners took a knee during the national anthem. If the players can't have any respect they ought to just stay at home.

I know if I go to any sporting event and they kneel I will be leaving too. This is a total slap in the face to everyone who died defending our country. The guy who started all this disrespect now says if he is hired by an NFL team he will stand for the national anthem. I guess unemployment hasn't set well with him. But to tell you the truth I wouldn't hire him if I was a coach as his word means nothing to me.

As the rating continue to go down I hope the NFL makes a change. Not sure how low they will let them drop before they pull the plug on this nonsense. I have voiced my self on this issue several times and I expect them to make the change. Also Fox not showing the pretest or the national anthem doesn't sit well with me either. We have a right to know who is taking a knee so we can boycott them.

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