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The Four Temperaments

The Four Temperaments are not something I made up but you can find many books on them. I did a series of lessons on each of them and used a Bible character to illustrate each one. Be aware that you could also have a blend of two or more of the temperaments but usually one is stronger than the others.

I am not going to go into each of them but was wondering which one you think you are. After much study I believe I am mostly Melancholy with a touch of Sanguine.

I was going to list the strengths and weakness of them on here but I don't think I am going to do that. You can look most of the information up on the internet and if you do you will probably learn more than I can share on here. You really need to do a research if you want to find out exactly what you are. I think you would find it to be very interesting

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