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Please Stop Talking About Las Vegas Shooter

It seems like every channel I turn on they are going on and on about the Las Vegas shooter and they plaster his name all over the news. How much air time are you going to give this man who has brought down a ton of suffering on our country? If you want to talk about someone talk about the hero's that helped those who were shot or talk about those who died for no reason


This is not the time to talk about Gun Control. The guns he used were illegal and no law would have stopped the shooting as he was going to do it one way or another. So don't go out and say if we had more laws we could have stopped this. There isn't a law that could have stopped this.

I want to extend my prayers for those who died in this tragedy. Also for their families that are hurting on this day. Many are burying their loved ones in the coming days and they will be forever scared. It is evil that brought this into their lives and it is evil who will scar they memory. I hope you will take a moment and pray for each of the victims.

Please pray for all those who were touched by this tragedy as they will need our prayers even more in the coming day. Remember God is still in control but we are living in the last days.

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