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Last Night

Last night I couldn't sleep so I started to pray. I prayed for all of my former members from Pleasant View. I named them one by one and prayed for each of them. Some left while I was at Pleasant View and I prayed for those also. It seemed like a long night but they were on my heart and so I prayed for them. If you were one of them then I prayed for you.

I also prayed for many of those from Baraboo. I couldn't remember everyone from the 16 years that I was there but I got the most of them. Many of those from Baraboo have died and I don't know all those who have died so it makes it hard praying when you aren't sure if they are living.

Thinking back to those I prayed for from Pleasant View, I pictured myself in the pulpit and I looked out and started in the front and worked my way down the right side and then I came back and worked myself down the left side. Each one was prayed for in a special way and I know God will honor my prayers for them.

My prayer is if you are one of those who I prayed for that you will offer a prayer up for me today. I could use your prayers today.

God bless each and everyone of you.

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