Happy Birthday, Paul

Today is my son, Paul's birthday.  I just wanted to post a little story about his birth.  We didn't know the sex of the baby to be born but because I believed it was a girl we choose a name, Faith Elaine.  After hours of labor Paul was born and the nurse ask me what his name would be.  Not hearing the words "his name" I said Faith Elaine.  The nurse said you want to name a boy that name.  I was shocked and so we had to come up with a boys name.  My favorite apostle was Paul and James was another one of my favorite Bible characters.  Thus he got the name Paul James Martin.

Paul has been a wonderful son to me and I love him dearly.  I made many mistakes in raising him but he turned out better than my raising could do.  I am proud of him and I am sorry for the screw ups and mistakes I made along the way.   I do hope that none of them have had a bad affect on his life.

If you know Paul I hope you will wish him a happy birthday.

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