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Jesus Opened My Eyes (A Miracle)

Here is a story you need to hear. I was shocked myself at what happened to me when Jesus opened my eyes. I had just gotten out of the shower and I put my hearing aids in my shoes so I would not lose them. I was stark naked but I took all my dirty clothes and shoes to my room so I could get ready for bed.

When I got into my room I put my shoes on my desk chair and my dirty clothes on top of them. I got into my sleeping clothes and helped Kelly make the bed. (She had warshed all the sheets.)

After we made the bed I went back to my desk and took my dirty clothes and put them into the laundry hamper and I picked up my shoes to remove my hearing aids from them. When I did so only one hearing aid came out. I searched my shoes very careful as I thought maybe I missed it but it was not there.

Then I got my clothes out of the hamper and checked them very carefully and went through all the pockets and checked them inside and out. I couldn't find my hearing aid. By this time Kelly was helping me search and we stripped the bed and did a complete search of the sheets and blankets but the hearing aid was no where to be found. I went back down stairs and traced my steps from the place where I put the hearing aids into my shoes back to my room. I searched the floors, counters, under the counters, under the stove, and any place all the way back to my room. Kelly did the same search but we came up empty.

Next we searched my desk and we did a major search of the desk and came up empty. We searched under the desk and every nook and cranny around the desk. I was looking under the bed with a flashlight and when I came up empty I just laid there on the floor. (We had been looking for over two hours.) As I was laying on the floor I began to pray, "Jesus open my blind eyes so I can see where this hearing aid is."

So as I always do before going to bed, I checked to make sure my cell phone was charging and my apple watch which is on my desk. As I looked at my watch the hearing aid was hooked on the watchband. My eyes were opened and I could see my hearing aid very clearly. Both Kelly and I had search that part of the desk but we never saw it. Jesus Opened My Eyes!!!

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