• Cynthia Thomas

The Bridal Suite

My brother and his new wife were escorted to their bridal suite in an elegant hotel in the wee hours of the morning.  They were tired from the many hours at their wedding reception and from mingling with their guest.  They took a look around their room, taking in the sofa, chairs, and table.  But where was the bed?  This was the bridal suite?

Then they discovered the sofa was a hide-a-bed, complete with lumpy mattress and springs sagging to the floor.  My brother and his new wife spent a fitful night on the hide-a-bed, waking up with sore backs.

The next morning, the new husband went to the hotel desk and gave the management a tongue- lashing for giving them such a terrible room for the bridal suite.

"Did you open the door in the room?" was the response.

When my brother went back to the room, he opened a door they had thought was the closet.  There, complete with fruit baskets and chocolates, was a beautiful bedroom.

Please Note:  Story by Cynthia Thomas

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