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Boycott Football October 1st

October 1st we are calling for a total boycott of all the football games. We hope you will join us as we boycott all the football games. This will help us speak to the players, coaches and owners. We need to stop this nonsense of kneeling during the national anthem. If we unite together we can show them that the people have the power.

It is time to take back America and stop these players, Caches and Owners from disrespecting our flag and embarrassing our country. Pleas join us as we speak with a very loud voice to let them know who they are dealing with.

For those of who like football this is very hard to do but we must to it to speak to them before it gets way out of hand. They are dividing our country and making us the laughing stock of the world. When they kneel during this very special moment they are spitting on the graves of those who gave their lives for our country. They are entertainers and they haven't sacrificed anything and when they do this they make it a mockery.

We need to speak before this gets any worse. Help us have a loud voice on October 1st.

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