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Football Players Showing Disrespect During National Anthem

When football players show disrespect during the national anthem it makes my blood boil. I want to say right off the bat that I am not in support of the President making a comment about this on Twitter. I do agree with what he said I just don't think it was his place to make the comment.

For me if anyone shows disrespect during the national anthem I think they ought to be fined or fired. I will not support any football team that disrespects our flag. They can say they are protesting how blacks were treated in the civil war era but to be very frank not one person who was kneeling knows anyone personal that had slaves or has slaves. Not one person kneeling has any relatives within 100 years that were slaves. They are just trying to continue Obama's plan to divide our nation. I believe when they kneel during the national anthem that is exactly what they are doing.

As far as the NFL goes if this keeps up their ratings are going to be so low that it will not be worth televising the games. Team owners are going to lose money by letting them protest. Personally I will not support the NFL if they continue to let their players kneel during the national anthem. To be honest it was nice to not have to catch the games because I was not going to watch them trash America.

I think America ought to speak to these Players, Coaches, Teams, Owners, and THE NFL by shutting off their programs until they clean up their act. I predict that advertisers who support the NFL are going to advertise elsewhere because the rating have gone into the tank. If everyone would boycott the NFL until they clean up their act I can promise you that they will get the message. If we continue watching they will keep doing it.

I noticed many of the teams that protested by kneeling didn't play very well. I did notice that some protested President Trump's comments but they stood for the national anthem. I don't watch football anymore because of these protests but I saw the reports on the news. It was nice to see Tom Brady standing with many of his teammates. He did protest the President's comments and I was okay with that but taking a knee is not the way to go.

I look forward to getting your feedback on this issue. Let us take a stand. If they kneel then they should be fined or fired. We can fire them by not watching the NFL on any day.

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