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Wow what a great day this is!!! Are you having a great day? I hope you are having a great day. We have too little time to play around with bad days. Take some time today and do something to make your day better. Need an idea? Do something for someone without them asking. Find someone that you can do a kind deed for them. Have you ever paid the bill for the car behind you in a drive-up? The surprise on their face will light up. They will wish they had ordered more.

I had someone do this to me once and it was really cool. I asked the person at the window how it happened and they told me the person in front of me just told them they wanted to pay the bill for the next person in line. Wow that was cool and it was a total blessing. Just don't pick a car that is packed full of kids unless you have a big bank account.

Then when you go home pray for the person you helped and ask God to send a special blessing upon their lives. Pray for their health and whatever comes to your mind. God will bless them beyond measure on your account.

Let me know if you try it!

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