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Jason Stockley Verdict

I want to chime in on this Jason Stockley verdict. I don't care who it is when the courts brings back a verdict it must be excepted by the people. After proven to be innocent the people must accept it.

The problem we have here is several things. Number one most, (I repeat most, not all) of those who are protesting are unemployed and don't care about the law and just want a reason to riot. These folks ought to be thrown in jail. They want to steal, burn stuff, break windows, and hurt people. I don't agree with her but the Mayor of St. Louis is on the protesters side and yet they target her. They don't care they just want to riot. They would riot even if he was found guilty.

Anyone with any common sense who has read the Judges ruling can understand why he was found innocent. I hear the protestors say he shot a man who was innocent of any crime. This is not so! He was a drug dealer and was committing a crime when he got shot. If a drug dealer didn't care a gun people would think he was crazy because that is just how they work. If he didn't carry a gun he would have been dead a long time ago and not by the police but by one of those who bought drugs from him.

The protestors can't let it go because they have no cause. If they drop it now it will seem like all was losted. To be frank that is the case and they can't except it because they have no common sense.

They need a reason to protest and steal, break things, attack the cops and so on. They think they can do these things without getting into trouble. What they are finding out is that isn't working for them. They don't get it and they won't get it after it is all over because there is NO CAUSE!!!

Until they learn to obey the law they will never be in the right. If you shoot at the police or try to kill police with a car or something else you can expect to get killed. Crime does not pay... it costs and the price is being paid.

That is all I have to say. LET IT GO!!!!

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