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What if...      Have you ever wondered about the what if's of life?  I don't we think about these things very much.  Think about it for a moment.  What if you had never been born?  Would it change the world?  What if you had never done some of the stupid things you did in your life?  Would your life be better?  What if you were to decide today to change your course?  Would it make things better?

Here is my answers:  Yes it would make a difference if I hadn't been born.  My siblings wouldn't have had the joy of teasing me and fighting with me or loving me.  My parents wouldn't have got to have the joy of raising me.  My wife wouldn't have the joy of marrying me and having to put up with me.  My children wouldn't exist, so yes it would make a difference.

If I hadn't done some of the stupid things I did in my life it would make a difference because I probably would be a different person.  I made some bad choices and I live with them today.  That is why I want to change my course and make things better in the future.

One of my biggest mistakes I made was how I treated my children. I failed to give them more of myself than I did.  I was too involved in the ministry that I failed them very badly.  Now I have a daughter that hates my guts and a son that has turned from the principles I tried to teach him.  I love them both very much and my son has given me a second chance to do right by him.  I am trying to be a better father to him but I still wish I could do more.

We cannot go back and change the past.  I have to live with my mistakes and one day I will give an account before God.  But we need to change course and try to make our future better.  I hope you can see that.

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