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Trust is something that is earned not bought. Have you ever thought about "Trust"? We can't buy it from the store. Trust is something we must earn not buy.

Think about your friends who you love and trust. They didn't buy your trust they earned it by proving to you that you could trust them. Sometimes it takes more time and some are able to earn it in a short period of time.

Take my wonderful wife Kelly. She earned my trust very quickly because she proved to me that she could be trusted. She always kept her word and she was always willing to prove to me she could be trusted. If I had a fear she did what she could to show that she could be trusted. When I met her we became very close friends I had many trust issues. We both bared our lives to each other in the time we had before we got married. It is a long story but she earned my trust and our love grew very strong because of it.

If you cannot trust the person you are married to then you are in a bad situation. It isn't healthy to have to always worry about if your mate is going to be faithful to you or not. That is where trust comes into play.

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