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Children Obey Your Parents

The young people of today don’t think that their parents know anything.  They say they want to learn things the “hard way” but in true reality they don’t but it just isn’t hip doing what your parents tell you to do.  Most parents don’t understand the peer pressure that their kids are under today.  Peer pressure or not the Bible teaches children to obey their parents.

There was a young man named “Paul” and his Father & Mother told him he couldn’t go out with his friends.  They wanted to go to club that didn’t sell beer and in his eyes it was not a bad place because teens hung out there.  The place sold sodas, chips, and so forth.  They had video games, pool tables, whoosh ball, air hockey, and so forth.  It wasn’t a “Christian” club but a very worldly club.  The music wasn’t right and so forth.  Well, he decided he wasn’t going to obey and he climbed out his bedroom window and went anyway.

Later that evening his Father got up and was checking on him and found his door locked and he didn’t answer.  After further investigation he found him gone.  He made a few calls and got the number of this “club” and called there.  His son was shocked that he knew where he was and his Father told him to get home.

On the way home he hit something in the road and blew two of his tires out.  As he sat by the side of the road a police came by and finally after a long wait they called his Father who came out and helped him get his car back on the road.  “Paul” learned a lesson that night as the price he paid for disobedience was very high.

God tells children to obey their parents and if they would just do as He commanded they would find the road of life so much smoother.  Parents remember they have peer pressure but don’t provoke them.  Love them and teach them and encourage them so that they will grow up knowing what God commanded is the right way to go.

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