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Wow free stuff! Do you like hearing those words? The truth of the matter is that nothing is free. Someone has to pay for it. I know what you are going to say. Isn't salvation free? No, because Jesus had to pay for it when He died for our sins on the cross.

Things may be given to you for free but someone has to pay for them. Either they were bought and paid for before you got it or someone paid for it so you could have it. I know someone is going to write me and say that they know of something that is free.

When God created the world He made it perfect and then man messed it up. He set it up so things would work and again man messed it up. Man likes to blame woman and woman likes to blame man. The truth is we are all to blame. Everyday we do more and more to screw up our world.

People think that if the government gives us free stuff that it will make things better. But some don't think that someone has to pay for that stuff. Many say the rich should pay for it. Why should they pay for your stuff? They work for what they have why don't you get off your lazy butt and work for what you want?

Having the rich pay for everything isn't the solution to the problem. If we keep giving handouts to those who are lazy they will never do for themselves. I understand that we have some who are not lazy but just can't do for themselves. We can help them but there is a fine line between lazy and can't help yourself.

Let's try to understand the concept of free stuff.

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