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What Makes You Laugh?

What makes you laugh? Do you laugh at a funny joke or does it take something more to make you laugh? I use to like sitting at Wal-Mart and watching the funny people that dress nutty. (Kelly doesn't let me do that anymore)

I would see people with purple hair and the craziest shirts. I can't even say what I saw on some shirts. I am not sure what these people are thinking when they color their hair purple or wear a shirt with offensive things on it. My guess is that they are wanting attention. When I see someone walk by with four or five rings in their nose, they got my attention. The other day I saw a guy with a big hole in each ear. The hole was about an 1/4 inch but it caught my attention. Is it really worth it to get attention by doing this type of thing? I am not sure that I would want that type of attention

Kelly says it isn't right to laugh at people for their strange ways and I get that. Nobody wants to be laughed at but when they do these types of crazy things to get attention I can't help but laugh. I do grieve too about it. I think about how unhappy they must be that they feel that they need to get attention. Maybe nobody pays any attention to them. That grieves me and I then feel sorry of them.

Well, be happy and have a great day and I hope you stop by tomorrow to see if I am making any sense. May God shine His face upon your heart today and put a smile upon your face.

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