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Here Is A Really Funny Church Sign

Here is a really funny church sign.  Not sure if it is real but if it is I am sure the Pastor would be embarrassed if he saw it.  My guess is it is a joke.  I sure hope so because you don't want to put your Pastor down like that.  If he is that bad that you need to invite visitors when he is gone then you ought to invite him to leave.

As I said before I think this is a joke.  It is really sad that you have to try all kinds of things to get people in church.  You have to put on a first class show or folks won't come.  Over the years I have visited many churches and since I am not pastoring now I have been able to see this more.  Every week they try to put on a better show.  They do crazy stuff to get people to come back.

I tried it and I had sermons that I thought would get people in but guess what?  It never made a difference.  If they were coming they came and if they weren't coming they didn't.  It seemed that the sermons I worked extra hard on were the ones that the attendance was the lowest.  I guess that God knows best and we need to quit trying to sell something they don't want to buy.

I wonder how many visitors this church had the week this sign was up.  I would love to know if anyone has the answer.

Got to run hope you stop in tomorrow and check out what I have in store for you.  I can't get you here with crazy slogans so I will try something simple.

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