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Not So Rustic Camping

Recently Kelly and I went to check out a campground. We like to check a campground out before we go there and it was a good thing we checked this place out because it was not so rustic. We like going to different campgrounds. We heard about this Rustic Acres near New Douglas. We decided to visit it because after looking at the website it looked really great.

When we got there we decided to check out the camping area. They had a super nice swimming pool and it was right up front. The playground for the kids was exceptional and we really liked it. Then we drove down the camping area and what a letdown. It looked like a junkyard for abandoned campers. We went on a Wednesday so we could see it when it wasn't packed. They had several abandoned campsites but they still have junk left on them. When I talked to the office to find out where the camping sites were they sent me to an area in the campground that had a couple of picnic tables and a fire ring. No electric or water and they wanted to charge $38 a night. Well that website was deceiving because they didn't show anything dumpy and they didn't show you the sites that are available for camping. If you have a self contained camper with a generator you might stop for one night but you wouldn't want to spend the weekend there. If you have an old camper you want to get rid of you might be able to dump it there. It looked like a dump site for old campers.

Looks can be deceiving and in this case the rustic was not so rustic. I don't think I would camp in a tent there. Glad we checked it out before pulling our camper there. We would have a better time camping in our yard than there.

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