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Today I Was A Bit Sad...

Today I was a bit sad as I was missing not being a Pastor.  That happens from time to time.  I enjoyed being a Pastor and I loved the people at the churches I pastored.  Baraboo was my first church and I had a real good group of folks there.  God used many of them to molded me for my future ministries. I served there for 16 years.

After I left Baraboo I was in a bit of limbo and I won't go into all the details but after I moved to East Alton, IL and I got a job in St. Louis working as a Customer Service Rep I began to miss the ministry.  I went to Pastoral Fellowships and I met other Pastors in the area.  One of them recommended me to a church in Cottage Hills, IL, and they ask me to fill their pulpit while they looked for a new Pastor.

After I was their for almost 9 months they found a new Pastor and I found another church to preach at while they were seeking a Pastor.  I preached there for a bit and then I started a ministry at Foxes Grove in Wood River.  It was during my time there that a church in Kane extended a call to me and I became the pastor there.

We were there for about 2 1/2 years and it was an enjoyable time but it didn't end like I was hoping.  God moved us and we moved on.  The experience at Kane helped me learn some very valuable lessons.

Then God opened the door for me to go to Pleasant View in Wood River.  They had a good group of folks there that I loved dearly.  We served there almost eight years and then I decided to retire.  The church was doing well but they just were not willing to make changes that would help the church grow.  Many of the folks were behind me in making the changes but many of the long standing members just didn't want the church to stay open.  I resigned and they got their wish.

I still miss being a Pastor but when I hear the stories about how pastors are being treated I think I made a wise choice.  Pray for me as I need your prayers.

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