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Tearing Down Historical Statutes

I am going to speak my mind about tearing down historical statutes. This is my opinion and you are free to have yours and I would love to hear from you.

Recently we have heard about the great number of riots and so forth concerning statutes being torn down. Like I said everyone is free to have their own opinion this is mine. Tearing them down won't change history. It is a part of our history and I feel tearing them down is wrong. I feel there ore several reasons people have taken part in this activity.

One reason is they just want to be involved in something that stirs up trouble. Over 75 percent of those rioting in Ferguson were not from Ferguson. They were from all over the country. Many wanted to take part in destroying something and saying they had a legal reason for rioting.

Another reason people are protesting and rioting is because they feel that the statutes represent how they have been mistreated. In the first place not one of those rioting was ever a slave and nobody has slaves today in our country. If someone does it is a crime and I am against it and they ought to be put in jail. Tearing down historical statutes is not going to change anything. It might make them feel good but it will make many more angry. We can learn from the mistakes that happened in history but tearing down these historical statutes will change nothing.

Everyone has an opinion and I believe everyone has a right to express their opinion. I do not think they have a right to riot and participate in anarchy. They can protest in a non violent manner. It is my opinion if they cannot protest in a non violent manner they should be jailed and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Those who protest and riot and bring violence are doing it for the wrong reason if they cannot do so in a non violent manner.

This is my opinion and you have a right to yours. I would love to hear it. If you are seeing this on Facebook post on the bottom of the page in the comment section or write me on my e-mail.

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