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Are you stressed? What do yo do to relieve your stress? Many allow their stress to bubble over and cause major problems in their lives. I am not an expert on stress but I know that if you allow it to control your live it will cause you a great deal of pain.

One thing I can recommend is that you give your stress over to God. Talk to him about what you are stressed about and allow Him to help you deal with it. Stress is not healthy and it can bring on more problems if you allow it to get out of control.

If you allow it to take control of your life it will affect your relationships, your church life, your home life, your work life and so on. It will control you to the point of breaking. Satan loves to bring stress into our lives as he knows that we are not good at controlling it and he knows what it can do to us.

Right now is the time to get control of your stress and not allow Satan to get a stronghold. If you let it go too long you might not recover from it. People have had heart attacks and died because of too much stress.

I don't know who is reading this right now but I am praying for God's help in your life if you are experiencing stress. It is my prayer that you will turn it over to God and allow Him to help you get it under control.

Until next time my prayers are with you. Please come back and feel free to contact me.

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