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Garage Sale

Today we will be holding our Annual Garage Sale. We are pulling out all the stops. We have books of all types. I am selling all my books I used while in the ministry and there are a lot of good ones. Don't miss out because most of the books are .10. We also have good books on all types of subjects and some are nursing books. You need to check this out.

We have our whole VCR library going up for sale and you can choose and pick what movies you want. They will be going cheap too. We have Titanic, Dances With Wolves, and on and on. You need to come check it out.

We have a ton of miscellaneous stuff for sale as we are cleaning out our upstairs. Kelly is getting rid of some clothes and they are in excellent condition. She wears them a few times and then wants something new so they don't have much wear on them.

We have some electronics for sale and some software and if you miss it you will wish you had come and checked it out. We have an Electric Fireplace/ TV stand and we haven't used it much so Kelly wants to get rid of it. Excellent buy and works very good.

We have so much stuff I can't think of all we have. Our garage is loaded and our front porch is ready for the sale and we will get it out early so you can come and get some good buys.

If you are looking for some good books to help with youth work we have them. We have loads of youth group books to help with youth programs.

Well I hope we see you there because if you miss it you will be missing our biggest garage sale ever. I don't think we ever had this much stuff before and you will have a big choice if you come early.

Well, I have to go so we can finish getting things ready. Hope to see you here.

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