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Acadia (Abby's Car)

Buyer beware is the word for today. As many of you know Abby is a single mom raising two wonderful girls. She located a GMC 2009 Acadia for an excellent price. Kelly and I went with her to check out the car. The couple that was selling it told us it runs good and they didn't have any problems. We took it for a ride and she decided to buy it. We discussed price with them and they kept telling us what a great deal it was and it would be a great car for her because it was in excellent shape.

Unbeknown to us they were totally dishonest and they knew it had major problems and they sold it to Abby with limited funds. She felt that she wouldn't have to put any money into it for a while because it was in good shape or so they said. It had new tires and they just changed the oil and it was very clean. It wasn't long before we knew that they took Abby to the cleaners.

The transmission went out and we had to take it in and the cost was over $4500. Then almost three days after the transmission was replaced the computer went out. That was another $500+ as GMC paid part of the expense. It would have been well over a $1000 otherwise. The mechanics we had work on it told us that this was an on going problem and the person who sold it to her knew it. We called them and they claimed they didn't but after what we saw and what two different mechanics told us they knew that it had serious problems.

This couple that sold her this car knowing it had major problems will get their due. Karma is real and so is God's judgement and I know they are in for a rough ride and they will be very sorry for what they did to Abby. I only wish that I could be around to see and know what happens to them.

All we asked of this couple was a little honesty and they lied to our faces and I am sure they were high fiving after we left. They had a small boy and I am sure that they set a real good example for him. I can only hope that their judgement doesn't effect their son as he had nothing to do with their actions.

Remember if you do something like this you can expect to pay big time as God always comes out on top.

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