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I am curious as to how many of you have a laptop or tablet. I know some just have Desktop computers but others just have laptops or tablets.

Do you do most of your stuff on the desktop or the laptop? I am guessing if you just have one or the other you do your most work on whatever you have, but if you have both which gets the most work. Also I was wondering about cellphone. I heard that some people don't use computers at all they just use a cellphone. Is there anyone out there like that?

I have a laptop, desktop, cellphone, and tablet. I find that I use most of them a great deal. I use my laptop more when I am on vacation or traveling. Right now I am writing this on my desktop. I guess I use my desktop the most.

Feel free to chime in I would love to hear how it works for you. I heard that many don't own a computer but do everything on their cellphone. I was wondering how that works out? I know that you can do Facebook and Twitter on the phone but other stuff would be a bit more trying. I guess e-mail would be okay for the cellphone. I sure would love to hear from you

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