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Eclipse Takes Place Today

Today the eclipse takes place. Everyone is going nuts about it but I wonder how many will hurt their eyes because they look at it. People are warned not to look at it but they just can't help it. Young people all over the area are going to be affected because they are too young to really understand. The adults tell them don't look at it but when it happens they won't be able to resist because it will catch them off guard.

I hope you are making all efforts to protect your eyes and the eyes of your children. I think many are taking this very lightly. They are putting special glasses on the kids but what prevents them from taking them off. When it get dark they won't be able to help themselves. The adults will be so busy looking themselves to watch what their children are doing.

All I can say is I hope that everyone is very careful and they make every effort to protect your children. I think that many are taking this event too lightly. They say it is a historical event which it is but they aren't making the effort to protect themselves and their children.

Is it really worth looking at it if you will hurt your eyes and how sure are you of the glasses that you are using? There are many that are being sold that are not properly made for this occasion. You can't just use regular sunglasses.

My prayers go up for each of you on this historical day.

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