Clowns Are Suppose To Bring Joy

Have you ever wondered why sometimes the things that are suppose to bring joy, don't? Our society is turning the things that normally bring joy in to something that it isn't. How are they doing this? Let's take clowns for an example. Weird people are dressing up as clowns and scaring people. They have always been a source of enjoyment for our young people and then these weird people make it into something it isn't.

All over the country there have been sightings of scary clowns. Why do they do this? They are taking something that is good and turning it into bad.

If you notice it seems that our society is going down the tubes. The day the Lord is coming back is getting closer each day and this makes the coming of the Lord a desire of those who want peace back in our society.

Let's prepare for the coming of our Lord!!

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