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I want to get serious about Facebook and I want you to listen to me. Can you do that? It seems like people think they have to put every move that they make on Facebook. I want to tell you a story. There is someone on Facebook that posts every detail to their wall. When they do this folks know right where they are. So they go on vacation and they tell every detail of their trip and someone thinks well I am going over there and clean house. (I don't mean this is a good way. They are going to rob them) So when they get home and their house has been robbed and they figure out what happened it will be too late. When you post every little detail on Facebook people know when you are gone and I know you don't think your friends would rob you. WRONG!!! Given the opportunity for a clean get away I think they might. If you think they don't have your address you are WRONG again.

Quit posting every time to go to the store and what you are doing every minute of the day. Many of those who read your wall don't give a flying flip. Sure we want to hear news and you can post pictures of you vacation when you get home. You can tell us what is happening to junior and all that good stuff but don't let everyone on your wall know when your house is going to be empty.

Well, I just had to say something because I have someone on my wall who is leaving in a day or so on vacation. They are giving all the good details for someone to come to their house and clean it out for them. Maybe they want to haggle with the insurance adjuster but I have had my fill of adjusters and I want to keep my stuff. We have cameras on our property and we have some hidden cameras and we check them for possible folks who would want to rob us.

So lets try to be safe and quit telegraphing to every instant move. Good luck to the couple heading out West for two weeks.

See you tomorrow.

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