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Several years ago I had a hitch installed by U-Haul. I have never had a problem with my receiver and it has worked well over the years. About two years ago we bought a pop-up camper from Apache Village and because of the need of a braking system they modified our brake light system for our trailer. After we had it about a year we noticed the lights were not working on the popup so when we went camping we had a car follow close behind us until we could get it fixed.

It wasn't until this year we decided to get it fixed. I called Apache Village and explained what had happened and I ask if I could bring it in and if they would look at it. I was told that it would cost $119.00 an hour. They wouldn't look at it and tell me about what it would take to fix it.

I decided to call my U-Haul guy and get his take. He told me to come in that he would look at it for free and give me an idea what it would cost. I took it in and he looked at it and told me that it would cost about $50.00 to fix. He scheduled a time for me to bring it in.

I brought it in on the day scheduled and they fixed it. No hassle and it works now. The cost was $48.48. Now if you ask me I think U-haul deserves a big that you for their excellent work. Not only did they fix it so it works they didn't complain about fixing Apache Village screw up. I highly recommend U-Haul for what ever service they can provide for you.

Thanks U-Haul!!!!!!

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