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Bethalto, Illinois Mc Donald's

Do you like your Tea sweet or unsweetened?  Kelly does not like her tea sweet at all.  The reason for this rant is because the Bethalto, Illinois McDonald's can't seem to get it right.  I would say about 8 out of 10 times they get it wrong.  Usually Kelly just pours it down the drain but I was getting a bit sick about it, at $1.00 a pop each time that adds up.  I went in and let the manager have an ear full.  I am not sure if it did any good but we are going to watch it.

If I continue to have this problem they are going to hear from me in a major way as I am tired of them giving us sweet tea and if we call they say just tell them when we come in and they will give you another one or they say do you have your receipt?  I am sick of their excuses.  The kids working in there are in High School and should be able to read.  If they can't read they need to send them back to school to learn to read.

If I have to go up the food chain to get this corrected I will do so.  If I have to post this on Facebook everyday I will if they can't get it right.  So Bethalto McDonald's this is your warning, get it right or you will know for sure what hit you when I get done.

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