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Do You Use Snail Mail Anymore?

Do you use snail mail anymore?  Most people don't use the regular snail mail unless they have to.  Email has become very quick and convenient so many use it.  I write my dad on snail mail as her doesn't have e-mail.  I tried setting him up but he couldn't get the hang of using it so I gave up.  Kelly and I took him a laptop several years ago and the last couple of times I was there I didn't see it.  They had a laptop someone else gave them that mom use to use for games but she doesn't use it for that anymore.  He may have given them both to someone.

What about saving emails?  Do you save the emails you sent or received?  I still have a ton of emails I sent and received from people at Pleasant View.  I was reading some of them the other day.  Some of those who wrote them I think would hope I deleted them because of what they said but I am still saving them.  I do delete most junk mail and I don't save every email like Kelly does but I save the ones I feel might be needed in the future.

I have a couple of emails I had received and sent when I was Pastor in Kane, IL.  I was only there 2 1/2 years but I have many emails that were sent back and forth and I kept some of the letters I wrote while I was Pastor.  I try to keep copies of all the letters I send out snail mail when I was Pastoring.

I had letters I wrote while in Baraboo but the old format in now no longer available.  I still have them in case they have to be deciphered.  If I ever wrote you a letter I probably have a copy of the letter unless it was hand written.  I have a file folder with letters from folks I wrote a long time ago.

Well, I guess that is all for today.  Hope you stop by tomorrow.

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