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What Is Your Favorite Restaurant?

I am sure you have found a restaurant you like to eat at. Restaurants are a touchy subject for some people as they can go on and on about the good food or the bad food. This is not a post where I am going to recommend different places to eat. I might tell you some that are my favorites and some good and bad experiences I have had. Just because we had a good or bad experience does not mean you will. Every restaurant is different. Even the chain restaurants can be different.

We normal have a good experience at Applebee's. We did have a strange experience once at the Alton Applebee's. We got to the table and the waitress came and took our order. We had ordered cheese sticks with marinara and ranch dressing. We got our cheese sticks without the ranch. I told her and she said she would take care of it. After we waited about 10 minutes a manager came by and ask what the problem was and we told him. Our waitress came back and we repeated our request and we ask to plates to eat our cheese sticks on. When she returned with the ranch she said they are out of clean plates, so we need to eat them without a plate.

We waited about a half hour for our food and so we stopped the waitress and ask what the hold=up was as we had another appointment we needed to get to. She said the food was on it's way. Kelly order a salad with chicken and I ordered chicken fingers. Kelly got her food and started eating and when I got mine I ask about the honey mustard they forgot to bring. I began to eat some of my fries but they were cold and about 10 minutes later she brought the honey mustard. I told her my fries were cold but we didn't have time to wait for them to get us warm fries. She said I will get them off of someone else's order and get them here fast. She came back in five minutes with hot fries and I was scarfing my food down as we had to get going to our next appointment. By this time Kelly is finished with her meal so she helps me finish off the hot fries she got off of someone else's order. This is not the way it is usually but this was a real bummer for us.

We have had many good experiences at different places. My favorite place to eat is La Casa Mexicana which is a Mexican joint. Excellent food and when we ate there we always order the same thing. Sometimes our waiter brings out our drinks just as we are being seated. Not everyone likes Mexican food but Kelly and I enjoy it.

Usually if you get bad service you are very vocal to express to others about your bad service. Some folks tip according to who good the service was. We usually always leave a good tip whether we have good or bad service. The only time I didn't leave a good tip was when I got a chicken sandwich at I Hop and the waitress put avocado on it which I told her not to put on it when I ordered it. When I ask her about it she told me just to scrape it off. That was too much for me and so I did tip her but not the usually good tip. I am sure she got the message.

What is your tipping plan? How much do you leave and do you tip according to the good or bad service? I want to hear your thoughts.

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