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Love Is Giving

Love is giving not expecting to get. The reason many fail in their efforts to love, it because they are going about it wrong. If you are in it for what you can get you are in it for the wrong reason. What you need to do is give your all and not worry about the other person. I hear all the time that love is a 50-50 thing. Well, that is why they fail. They are only giving 50% and that isn't enough. If each person gives 100% without expecting from anyone, they will be blessed.

The reason why so many are disappointed in their relationships is because they are expecting to get more than they get. They don't get much because they are too busy trying to get that they don't give. If you give 100% without worrying about getting you will find yourself blessed beyond measure.

While Jesus hung on the cross He gave his all for you and it doesn't matter that you gave your all to Him all He wants is your heart. We cannot out give Jesus but all He wants is our heart. He gave His all for us on the cross and many times we just give me a little time on Sunday and we feel we have made a big sacrifice. That doesn't even compare to what He did for us.

If you act that same way to those you love you will find yourself in a hopeless place. Real love is giving of our self without expecting to receive anything.

Are you truly loving right?

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