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Six Reasons People Have Stop Going To Church

While I was the Pastor at Baraboo and the churches after that I ask a question of those who quit church.  "Why did you quit church?"

The number one reason people quit church was because of the phonies in the church.  The deacons who were not living a Godly life.  The members that said one thing and did another.  The example that they saw turned them off and they were tired of the phonies and so they quit or stopped going.  I wonder how many of you reading this are in that group?

The number two reason was because they never felt welcomed.  They expressed to me that they felt like an outsider because of the way they dressed or how much education they had.  It really isn't funny but for the most part they expressed that the folks were not friendly.  That is a very sad commentary for the holier than thou folks of our churches.

The number three reason was because they felt like they were put in a box with the music and Sunday school programs.  The music was slow and dry and the teachers that taught Sunday school were boring.  (I guess that includes me too.)  We didn't put any spunk into our lessons and they were dry and boring.  Our music was without excitement and didn't fit the time.

The number four reason is one I like because it is about the Pastor.  Many said that they felt the Pastor didn't get the respect he deserved and was not treated very good by the people in the church.  One person told me that they felt I was treated very badly.

The number fifth reason was they couldn't stand the fighting in the business meetings.  They felt that the deacons didn't give the Pastor the support he needed and the folks were disrespectful to the Pastor and each other when discussing the church business.

The number sixth reason is that they were sick of hearing about money.  I was never one to beg for money.  I gave God my tithe but many would miss church for one reason or another and they would skip giving to the church.  I guess they felt since they didn't get anything that week they weren't giving anything.  But these same people harped about money to those who didn't have much and it caused them to leave.  I had a deacon one time went to a person that was coming and told them to never ask the church for help again.  They left and moved to another town.

It is really sad that folks don't want to be a part of the church anymore.  We want all the programs that a church needs but we don't want to pay for them.  We want the Pastor to work for pennies on the dollar.  We want to keep our choir even if it means the visitors have to sit in the sanctuary by themselves.  Our desires are more important than anyone else's and we would rather close the doors than make changes for growth.  We want to sit in our beautiful homes and point our fingers at everyone else and complain about the job they are doing yet not take any responsibility for anything.  Everyone wants to be paid for anything they do for the church.  What happen to the volunteer plan?  Why won't anyone sit in the nursery once a month without being paid?

I guess you can see why the folks quit coming or stopped coming.  That is what happens when we don't do all we can to do our part.  One person can't do it all it must be a joint effort.

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