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My Blog is written with much care and time.  Many of you don't give a flying flip what I write or how much time I take in thinking about what I say on it.  Does that hurt my feelings?  I have to say no because I really don't know very many who reads my blog.  I know a few people who read because they let me know from time to time but for the most part I don't know who reads this.  I have a log that tells me how many views and which pages have been visited but that doesn't tell me much.

When I have some juicy story to tell I get more clicks on the page.  When I am going to expose some lying cheat I get more clicks.  But if I am going to write about some story about how God has blessed the clicks don't come.  Are you that unfeeling?  I say what I feel and I may offend some of you but it really takes guts to hear the truth.  Some of you the truth is too strong for you and you just want your ears tickled.

I put on my blog about the good report my brother got on his health and guess what?  I didn't get one click.  Maybe I have more now but the last I checked I didn't get one single click.  Maybe you don't care or many your brother hasn't been sick and so you don't know how it feels to be looked at like you have two heads.

This blog post probably won't get any clicks as it is filled with what you don't want to hear and you don't have any guts to respond because you are so filled with yourself.  I guess I did it now!  I stepped over the line and got you mad so you probably clicked out.

If you are still reading I didn't mean to offend I am just trying to get some type of response.  I had someone reading my blog from Highland, IL and don't know who they are.  I have people from China, Singapore, South Africa, and so on and I don't expect them to respond but my friends, yes.

Well, thanks for listening in to my rant.

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