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Thanks To Our Family

Thanks to our family can be expressed in many ways.  Our parents cared for us when we were unable to do so.  They made great sacrifices for us over the years.  How do we repay them?  I really don't think we can but many times they ask us to sacrifice a little of our time and we ought to make every effort to do so.  We can make excuses but really we have no excuse that is worth the paper it is written on.

Recently I read a plea for a family member to come home for a family reunion.  I won't go into the details but they said they were too busy.  This is not a yearly thing this is a parent wanting to get the family together before they are unable to.  Well, even if I was not able to come I wouldn't say the things he said.  How low must you go?  My prayer is that God deals with this matter in His time.  I believe in Karma and I know that it will come back to him.

I would like to say I could say something that would comfort the family but I can't.  I do want to share a story.  When I was a Pastor in Baraboo I was visiting a man who hadn't been in church awhile.  I ask him why he hasn't been in church for awhile.  He said he had a quart of milk in the refrigerator.  I looked at him funny because he add, "One excuse is just as good as another."  We all have excuses for things we don't want to do.  We think they are good in our eyes but other folks think we are crazy because they don't buy it.

Well, I had my say and I will leave it at that.  May God bless those who are hurt by the excuses that are not worth the paper that are written on.

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