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ANGER - You know what makes me angry? When someone lies to me on purpose and they expect me to believe it.

Yesterday I went to Valvoline to get my oil changed. Because for the last several oil changes they have put on my maintenance report, "engine oil was low upon arrival" I decided to check it before I got there. It was not low and I check it every so often between oil changes as my car is getting older and it has a great deal of miles on it. I stopped to fill up on the way to get the oil changed and I checked the oil. The oil was right on the dip stick where it should be.

So I am wondering if this is something they do to cover their butts on a regular basis. Last month I went a bit over on when I was suppose to bring it in and they told me that and I assumed that it was because I was late. Now I am thinking it was because I went over the 3000 and they wanted me to think I was low so I better get it in right on the dot. This makes me mad when they lie to my face like that.

Have you ever had an experience like that? Do they type that on your maintenance report when you take your car in?

I have been trying to take my car to a different Valvoline shop each time. I took it to another type of oil change shop once but their service was even worse. Can you tell me about your experience with your shops? Any advice would be helpful.

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