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Money Can't Buy Happiness

Money can't buy happiness.  People some times try to find happiness in money.  It is nice to have money but if you have it you will find out that it doesn't make you happy.  You may be happy you have money but money will not make you happy.

We need money to pay bills and to live and it is always nice to have some but it isn't what will make you happy.  If you look at the people who have a great deal of money you see that they are not happy with what they have and they always want more and the more they get still doesn't make them happy.

People are looking in the wrong place for happiness.  True happiness is found in Jesus.  If you don't have a great deal of money and you are happy chances are you know that Jesus is the  way to happiness.

People win the lottery and they have all the money they could ever want and they seem happy for a moment but then they buy things and stuff and it doesn't bring them happiness and they keep buying until they have wasted it all and they still aren't happy.

Happiness cannot be purchased at a store or bought on the internet.  Happiness can be gotten for free by asking Jesus Christ into your life.  Then the money you do have will be enjoyed more  because  you will feel rich.

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