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We Almost Lost A Lot Of Money In A Con

We almost lost $700.00 in a scam. I called what I thought was a local garage door repair shop and they came out to estimate our repair on our garage door. They told us $300.00 and so we inquired about a garage door opener and it was only going to be a little over $600.00 so we decided to go that way. We signed a contact and paid the bill and then he said he was going to start early in the morning when it would be cooler.

The next day he said he has a family emergency. So rescheduled for Wednesday, July 26 at 10:00am. When he didn't show up we called and the run around began. After they forwarded our call to three different numbers we got suspicious. They said they would call our tech and call us back. When they never called back I called them and told them that we have cameras on our house and we got pictures of the tech and if someone wasn't here in ten minutes we were going to the police.

Ten minutes later a guy showed up and said he was here to start the install. We got his picture on our camera and Kelly took a picture of his license plate. He went into the garage and put his tool box down and just began to do busy work. I sat down and watched and finally he knew I knew something was wrong so he told me Gary had parts he need to start the install so he was waiting for him. He told me to go in the house because it was hot and he would come and get me when Gary got there.

I refused to go in and I explained to him that I had been conned in Wisconsin and the guy was sentenced to seven years in prison. He said they were not conning me that things were just a bit disorganized. Finally Gary arrives and he tells me that they can't put in the garage door opener as they don't have enough room above the door. He says he will get me my money and he goes over to the ATM across the street and gets me my money. I got all of it back except $10.00. Be careful as I almost lost it all. I am grateful I got most of it back.

This isn't the whole story as it would take several pages to write it all but it has the bare facts. Be careful because you might not be as fortunate as I was.

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