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Are You Forgetful?

Are you forgetful? When we think of the elephant we think of big brain and doesn't forget. We all forget things. The important thing is to remember the important things. We may forget some small unimportant thing but if you forget the important things that could mean trouble.

I have tried to write down important dates and events I need to remember. If you write them down it helps to remember them. If you tie a sting around your finger you might forget why you tied it there. So write it down and put it somewhere you will know where to look if your memory fades.

Dates are the most forgotten of things forgotten and it would be so easy to correct that problem. Get a date book and write them in it and when the year is up put them in the new calendar if they at a recurring date that needs to be remembered. Birthday, anniversaries, and so forth can be remembered with little effort if you just make small note on your calendar. Doctor appointments and other important engagements can also be remembered the same way.

Don't do the string thing, make a note and write it down. You will be glad when the wife or husband has a birthday and you remember.

Well, hope you will stop by tomorrow to see what I am going to say. Sometimes I make sense and other times it seems like I am moving in that direction.

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