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Many times people have secrets that they want to share with friends and sometimes the things they share are secrets that are not gossip.  But many time the stuff they share is gossip and that type of sharing is not what we want to hear being spread.  I pray that if you are sharing stuff, that it isn't gossip.

When I was pastoring many times when someone came to me and they would say, "I want you to pray with me about someone," and they would begin with what was gossip and I would have to stop them.  Usually when someone shares gossip with you whatever you have been told will stick in your mind even if you find out later it is untrue.

Most of the time gossip is stuff that isn't true.  And someone just wants to get the stuff spread around so they share it in a way that others will tell others and it many times is destructive.

The best policy is to not listen!

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